Battery Powered Homes

Supplying Power to your home through Batteries via Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, or Hydro Water Power can be exciting, useful, and Very Cost Effective.  A Battery-Powered home is a great way to go Totally independent from the grid in Turbulent times when say the power and the power grid Go Completely Out.

Types and kinds of batteries for best results in a Solar Panel System.  The staying power or longevity is measured by what’s called Amp Hours. On the battery, it is labeled Ah.  Lithium-Ion Phosphate IS the battery of choice although they are more expensive.  AGM Batteries are most commonly used for their cheaper price.  These are what’s called deep cycle batteries and are well suited for long-term solar energy storage.  There are also Lead-acid batteries and Golf cart batteries or marine batteries.

Car batteries are the worst to use.  The reason is they use a massive amount of energy in a short amount of time and Recharge very slowly. They are poor at producing low currents for longer periods of time.  Golf cart batteries or any Deep Cycle are made to deliver a lower amount of power over a longer period of time then recharge very quickly.  They also last longer than car batteries.  However, again, Lithium-Ion Phosphate Batteries Perform the ultimate best.  THey last 4 times longer from 10 years and more if taken care of.  AGM lead-acid batteries last only 2 Years.  Lithium also has a  discharge that is much better at a whopping 80% or 5,000 cycles compared to AGM lead-acid at only 50% discharge rate.

In this video 2 tips I ‘got’ were this:  If you over-supply yourself with too much storage (too many batteries) then the Solar Panels will have a hard time fully charging the batteries with each sunny cycle.  Size how many batteries to about 5 times what you use each day. Also, a good strong panel will generate ‘some’ energy even on Cloudy days.  15min in

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