Power Inverter


What the Heck is a Power Inverter ?

A power inverter is an electronic device that changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).  In other words the Power Inverter “Converts” or changes the DC electric current that is in the Batteries from the sun and Solar Panels to AC electric current (the kind you use in your house).

Here are some Power Inverters at Harbor Freight and Amazon.

Different types of Inverters:
Basic Cheap (Modified) Sine Wave Inverter→ Not good for sensitive equipment like flat screen T.V.s or Computers.

[Check for Specs Who wants to buy an Inverter that has an RMS Voltage of 97 and a THD of +/-18% ? ]

►Sine Wave Inverter → High Quality Power. Cleaner Power.  The kind that comes from the Electric Company.  Good for Electronic Equipment.  More expensive.

Grid Tie Inverter→ {Not  For Beginners} Most Expensive AND needs a Professional electrician to Install.  No place to store power. Ties into your Electric Grid of the Power Company.  Excess power can be sold back to the Electric Company for a profit to you.

→ All About Power Inverters, Sine Wave Types, Watts and Amps

→ Video defining difference between Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter And a Modified Sine Wave Inverter.

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