Solar Tips and Secrets

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Tip # 1.   I found that a higher Amp charge controller is best to purchase later on if you have a low one.  This device is like turning on the faucet to let more water flow.  A Higher Amp Charge Controller allows more electric “Juice” to pour into the battery or batteries.

Tip # 2.   If you have too many batteries without strong enough (high wattage) Solar Panels or a low Amp charge controller; it will be difficult to charge that many batteries.  SO, build batteries slowly at first.

Tip # 3.  A real strong Power Inverter is really great if you are running many High Wattage items like refrigerator, Heaters, microwaves etc.  But, [keep in mind] say a 5,000-10,000 Watt one like mine is a darn strong one and will use more battery power.  So, have the appropriate amount and strength of solar panels and charge controller to compliment that.  Look in my calculations tab.

Tip # 4.  Even on Cloudy Overcast days if you have strong enough solar panels, they will produce Some Solar Electric Energy into the batteries.

Tip # 5.  Some locations allow you to sell excess energy you create from your panels back into the Grid.  A process known as “Net Metering” which is very attractive to potential solar customers.

Tip # 6.  Combining both energies of sun and wind into the batteries can be extremely powerful.  For as the sun sets or is not out as much then wind at night or on cloudy days churns the turbine for added energy.  Flip-side with calm days and wind low usually the sun is shining.  Batteries can be almost constantly charged using both wind turbines and solar panels together.

Tip # 7.  This is a future idea of mine for a wind turbine powered from indoors.  Place the wind turbine indoors and a large fan to blow on it allowing the blades to turn.  Power the fan through an existing electric outlet. Energy then goes into the batteries from the wind turbine.   A constant way of powering the wind turbine using the fan indoors substituting the outdoor winds.   My idea that I have not tested yet.

Solar Paneled homes can be an exciting and at the same time money saving project. Getting “off the grid” means total freedom from depending on the risk of electric companies to supply our heat and lights to our homes.  And Solar Energy is “FREE”.

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