Wind and Solar

Wind Energy and Solar helping each other together.

I started powering my home with a small solar kit eventually leading to stronger solar panels.  Later I realized in the cloudy state of Ohio I needed an idea with something more.

I discovered wind turbines.  Basically wind power through spinning wind turbines.  These will aid and assist the solar panels when the sun is not so plentiful. Around me is plenty of wind and at night when the sun is down the wind turbines can continue the flow of electrical energy.

I also have found an article on wind and solar electric systems working together for a seamless operation.
Wind and Solar “Hybrid” Electric Systems together

Hybrid or multiple sources delivers continuous power.  Wind speeds are abundant in seasons that the sun is not.  Opposite to this the Sun is abundant in the sunny summer seasons.  SO ! why not use ‘mostly’ solar power in the summer when the sun is shining. Flip it and use ‘mostly’ wind power in the winter when the sun is not out so much.  Spring and fall use both wind and solar in a hybrid fashion for continuous energy.


Decide the Best — Wind Turbines OR Solar Panels for Home ?

THe combination of  Wind and Solar is the best route.  Solar Panels Create more ‘Predictable’ Energy than wind turbines.  Wind Turbines can keep going throughout the night Whereas Solar Panels rely on the Daytime Sun.
As a Whole However, the Power of the wind Loves the environment and is a much more efficient option.
Typically the Wind Turbine can capture 50% of Energy whereas Solar Panels Harness smaller 15% – 20% from the Sun of Solar Energy.  To Power a typical home You would need  20 Solar Panels as opposed to Only ONE five-kilowatt Turbine to fully Power the house.

Remember though !  Living Entirely off the grid with worry-free concern to periodic Blackouts would mean using BOTH Solar AND Wind Power.  It is the most expensive but a very possible Guarantee Having You Own Electricity through those long cold winter nights and periods of diminished Sun.



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